Grafix Imprint trading terms are as follows:


  1. All costs to be paid in full with the acceptance of our approval email unless otherwise arranged. No production will begin until all invoiced costs are paid in full.

  2. All shipping costs are FREE.

  3. All care will be taken to ensure print colours will match any PMS numbers or samples provided. However, due to the colour and nature of the various materials used, it is often impossible to obtain a 100% match. All materials print differently and if your logo is being applied to two different products variations may occur. Fabric colour can also vary from batch to batch and as such Grafix Imprint will not be responsible for these or any of the above situations.

  4. No verbal orders will be accepted. All orders must be in writing and e-mailed.

  5. No verbal changes will be accepted. All changes must be written and either mailed or e-mailed.

  6. Upon approving the design proof of your order and sending the proof approval form, you will be committing to the purchase of the goods described in accordance with such approvals and your order placed with us. It is therefore important that you carefully review the design proof and tell us of any changes required. Grafix Imprint will not be responsible in the event that you make a mistake, change your mind or fail to recognise an error and in respect to any approvals given you must make full payment as invoiced for all goods supplied in accordance with such approvals. This also applies to any order which is part way through the production process.

  7. This order WILL NOT PROCEED unless the completed and signed 'PROOF APPROVAL' form has been received by us and the full payment has been made.

  8. It is always understood that by returning to Grafix Imprint a signed approval form or emailed alternative declaration that you have read, understood, accepted and have agreed to abide by all of these conditions one thru eight.

  9. In the unusual occurrence of a quality issue, it is at the sole discretion of Grafix Imprint, to either replace the goods, issue a credit or refund. No replacement, credit or refund will occur until the damaged/suspect goods are returned with postage paid to Grafix Imprint.

  10. As stated in various places thru out the Grafix Imprint website designing costs are free of charge, however, in some instances where the required design exceeds the scope of the free art offer it is at the discretion of Grafix Imprint to charge for said artwork and design at an hourly rate. It is also at the discretion of Grafix Imprint to levy a charge in line with the time spent to create said designs or artwork if a client requires a copy for other purposes or the return of files to be used with an alternate supplier. This charge will also be determined at a fixed fee at the discretion of Grafix Imprint.

  11. Copyright Laws are strict and precise so if you supply to Grafix Imprint or ask us to use any graphics, photos or files or intellectual property that as the customer you will warrant that you have the right to use the said Intellectual Property and that you hereby indemnify and hold indemnified Grafix Imprint against all claims, action, damages and costs as against Grafix Imprint by any party arising from Grafix Imprint use of the said Intellectual Property in fulfilling you the customer’s directions. Prior to production commencing you will be required as part of the approval process to declare to Grafix Imprint that you have the legal rights and /or permission to use said images, graphics, photos or said intellectual property supplied by you for the purpose of producing artwork for your stubby holder order.