Frequently asked questions


Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is 50 minimum order quantity! You can order 50 or 10,000 and we do not charge any setup fees.

What is your order turnaround time?

You will receive your stubby holders within 15 days from the date that the order approval form has been recieved by us and payment has been made.

I need my order URGENTLY? What do I do?

If you require your order by a certain date please contact us via email before placing your order to make sure we can meet your deadline. No refunds will be made if you do not leave sufficient time for your order to arrive turnaround time and shipping time.

How will my order be sent?

After your order is completed we send orders via EMS then Australia Post. Transit times vary depending on delivery locations. You recieve an email with your tracking number once it is available.

PayPal Payments

The PayPal site is highly secure. PayPal uses industry-leading technology to keep your information safe. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to theirs using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).

What if I don't have a PayPal account:
You don't need a PayPal account to check out with PayPal

Direct Deposit Payments

Direct Deposit Details:
BSB:016 125
Please use invoice number as the reference.

Sending in your own artwork

Please send your artwork in JPG, PDF, AI, EPS or PSD format at 300 or 600 dpi for the best results and email to admin@grafiximprint.com.au

Do the stubby holders have a base?

Yes. The stubby holders have a 5mm thick non-slip rubber base

What materials do you use to make the stubby holders?

We use high quality 5mm neoprene (wetsuit material). The neoprene is then stitched after printing to make it the strong and durable.

What printing process do you use?

We use the sublimation printing process. Sublimation printing is a heat transfer process that utilises special dye-based inks. The word "sublimation" actually refers to the process of converting from a solid to a gas, and back to a solid again. When activated by heat, the inks are transferred to a synthetic fabric such as polyester. Since the inks actually dyes the fabric, a special coating is not required. Sublimation allows for printing at the highest resolutions whilst maintaining photographic quality.

I have my pictures and text but I need help to lay them out nicely

We offer a free design service so please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page with your requirements.

I need help creating my design or logo from scratch.

We offer a paid design service to design a logo, but the stubby holder designing from scratch is FREE.

Can I make changes after my order has been placed?

Yes, only if your order has not been sent to production, you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. You can then leave a note requesting the changes required.

Do you Colour match?

Due to many contributing factors such as differences in monitor displays, we cannot guarantee that colours displayed on your monitor (RGB) will match the printed colour (CMYK) products. You most likely won't notice this kind of colour shift in a photograph. It is more likely to happen if you pick a very rich, vibrant colour background or logo.

RGB Colours is what you see on your computer screen

CMYK Colours are the printed product colours

What will you print and not print? (obscenity)

Ha!! We get asked this question a lot. We will print swear words. They are most often used in a humorous fashion, and are usually pretty funny. We will not print anything: - Anti-religious - Anti-Australian - Terroristy - Racist

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